Healing from Partner Infidelity

Discovering that your spouse or partner has had an affair can be one of the most painful and devastating experiences!  In addition to the intense hurt, sadness and anger, it can feel incredibly emotionally ungrounding to discover that the very person that you trusted the most was capable of breaking hurting you in such a deep and fundamental way.  It can cause you to question everything you thought you knew about your life.  Painful triggers or reminders about the affair might be all around you, making it hard to function in your work and personal life.   You might feel like your heart's been shattered into a million pieces and you'll never feel the same again!

As hard as it is to believe, you will heal from this and, eventually, a feeling of normalcy will return to your life.   However, whether you decide to stay with your spouse or partner, or end the relationship, most people find that they must process through their emotions before they can truly let go.  Our providers can help give you the tools to make sense of what's happened and cope with the emotional pain, allowing you to move forward in your relationship and your life!