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One of our goals at Empower Therapy is to reduce barriers that prevent women from seeking therapy.  Therefore, we have chosen to offer teletherapy to qualified patients, because it allows us to remedy some of those most common issues that keep women from getting the care that they need and deserve, such as transportation, childcare, distance, etc.

Teletherapy is the practice of therapy through the use of distance communication technology, such as telephone, email, Internet-based communications and videoconference.  At Empower Therapy for Women, we use a HIPAA-compliant Internet-based videoconferencing platform called VSee.  Because our office is located in Ohio, this service is only available to women who live in Ohio, and/or are within state boundaries at the time of service.  

Teletherapy is an innovative new procedure for delivering psychotherapy, and its flexibility and accessibility has many benefits (read our Informed Consent for more information).  However, it is not appropriate for all clients and psychological problems. If you are a new teletherapy client, before our first appointment, we will reach out to you via phone to discuss your specific needs.   If the provider feels that teletherapy would be a good match, then they will schedule your first appointment, and give you information regarding how to access the VSee software.  However, if the provider determines at that time, or at any other point, that your needs would be better met by in-person therapy, then they can either offer you appointments at one of our local offices, or provide you with referral options in your area.   

As a side note, many of our in-person clients will occasionally use teletherapy appointments due to the flexibility that it offers.   Our clients often use teletherapy when they're unable to make an appointment in the office due to childcare issues, recovery from surgeries or illness, travel or just waiting for the cable guy to arrive.  

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