Individual Therapy (either in office, or via teletherapy):​

  • $180 for initial 60-minute appointment

  • $150 for 45-minute follow-up visit

  • Longer and shorter appointments are prorated from this basic fee

Group Therapy

  • Out of the Blue: Postpartum Depression $250 for 6-week series​, 90-minutes each

  • New Leaf: Life After Divorce - $40 for each 90-minute group

  • Healing a Broken Heart: Recovering from Partner Infidelity $40 for each 90-minute group

Payment is expected  at the time of service.  Empower Therapy for Women takes cash, checks (payable to Empower Therapy for Women, LLC), VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  

Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance.  However, many insurance plans offer out-of-network benefits that may allow you to be receive partial reimbursement by your insurance company.  If you select this option, you will pay us the full fee at the time of service, and we can provide you with an invoice with the necessary billing codes that you can submit to your insurance company afterwards.

If you plan to use your out-of-network benefits, we highly recommend that you contact your insurance company to find out more about these benefits and the process for reimbursement.

Questions to ask include:
1) What are my out of network mental health benefits?
2) What is the allowable rate for the following CPT codes: 90791 (Psychotherapy Intake), 90834 (Individual Therapy Session 38-52 minutes), and 90837 (Individual Therapy session 53+ minutes)
3) What percentage of the allowable rate will you reimburse me?
4) Is there a deductible that I need to meet before I will be reimbursed?
5) How do I submit my claims for reimbursement?

Lower Cost Option:

Group therapy is one cost effective option to consider is group therapy. Group has been shown to be as effective and in some cases more effective than individual therapy.