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Low self-esteem can negatively impact our ability to live a full and gratifying life!  Women with self-esteem issues may constantly second-guess things they've said or done, allow people to 'walk all over them', or always feel like a failure, no matter how much they accomplish.  Sometimes we can be our own worst critic, holding ourselves to an impossibly high standard, and then beating ourselves up when we fail to measure up.

Self-esteem is a result of your own appraisal of your worth or value.   For many women who struggle with self-esteem, these issues started in childhood, based upon the messages that we received from others about our value.  For others, this issue doesn't emerge until adulthood, when a significant event in our life causes us to doubt ourselves or question everything that we thought we knew.   The fundamental way that we feel about ourselves underlies a myriad of larger mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression or disordered eating.

In addition, living in a culture where only 4.8% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women, many of us were simply never taught (or actively discouraged) from being direct about what we want, need or deserve.  Learning how to communicate assertively and set appropriate boundaries can lessen the build of emotional frustrations, leading to more satisfying relationships and greater success in our professional lives (see Lean In by Sandberg).

At Empower Therapy for Women, we can show you evidence-based strategies designed to build self-esteem and teach you how to communicate your needs to others assertively and with confidence.

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