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Dr. Holly Kozee

How are you doing?  Seriously, I really mean it.  Many times, as women, we expend so much energy trying to be the best mother/wife/worker/student/housecleaner/caretaker/all-of-the-above that we can be.  However, there’s never enough hours in the day, and oftentimes, we end up putting our own needs at the bottom of the list.  When you add in the stress of a huge life change (like having a baby, or going through a divorce), or struggling through devastating issues like a miscarriage, or just the overall pressure from those around us (or ourselves) to look or act a certain way, it’s no wonder that women have a greater predisposition for depression, anxiety, and disordered eating!

Over the years, I have found that my true passion lies in helping women to regain a feeling of control and authorship in their lives as they face these challenges.   As a therapist (and a human being in general), I am extremely supportive, warm and non-judgmental.  Despite the fact that healing will require us to be present with the pain that you’re experiencing right now, my clients tend to find that we spend a fair amount of time laughing together as well.

I have a PhD in Counseling Psychology from The Ohio State University, and am a Licensed Psychologist in the states of Ohio and Texas.  Due to my expertise in the field of women's mental health, I serve on the Editorial Board for Psychology of Women Quarterly.  My areas of specialty include perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, self-esteem, body image, disordered eating, gender identity issues, as well as helping women find their inner strength and wisdom through difficult events in their relationships, such as divorce or the discovery of partner infidelity.  In addition to these issues, I also provide treatment for a range of other general mental health issues in women, such as stress or burnout,  depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

So…How ARE you doing?

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